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We Make Premium Animated Music Videos For Top Artists Around The World

4-5 stars

Rated 4.78/5 stars from 127 clients

Gift Blessing 2
Zero Theorem

Bring Your Music To Life With Timeless Animation

For the past 7 years, Empire Animate has been teaming with artists to create stunning animated music videos.

2D, traditional, anime or cartoon style- If you have a vision for your song, we can bring it to life.

Think of us as another member of your band or team, adding a whole new layer to your artistic expression.

Sign up for a free no-pressure consultation, and let's discuss your project!

Our Animated Music Videos Have Over 6 Million Views On YouTube This Year

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"We want a high-end anime superhero video, with cool fight scenes."


"I want three different animation styles, combined with live footage to match the song's theme."

Gift Blessing

"We want a sci-fi video, done in 1980s Heavy Metal style."

Zero Theorem

"I want a video with the feel of a Saturday morning cartoon, to convey a powerful message."

Binoy Zachariah

Every Client Who Works With Us Gets

A No-Pressure, Free Strategy Call

Let's hop on a call to discuss your project! No obligations or commitments, just artists chatting cool ideas. 

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Digital Dystopia 5

Full Approval

Our clients have full approval on script, storyboards, character designs and animation. We work with you to create your vision.

100% Original Designs

Our videos are 100% original, no lame templates used.

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Ember and Ash

Up To Three Rounds Of Revisions

Our services include up to three rounds of revisions, to make sure we get things 100%.

On Time Delivery And Great Communication

By communicating clearly and getting your approval every step of the way, we deliver your awesome video on time. 

Space Future Punk
Lindy Vision

Full Commercial And Broadcast Rights

You own your video 100%, and are free to use and promote it however you like. We'll also promote it to our mail list.

A Lifetime Partner You Can Count On

Animated music videos are a great promotional tool, that bring your music to a world of new fans. Many of our clients return for multiple videos. 

Confessional 4

"The story of a man who walks into a confessional. What happens next is unexpected."

Cro Mag

"The story of a man lost at sea. Based on The Perfect Storm."

Steady Rollin'

"A colorful story, straight from the pages of a comic book."


"We want to create a metaphor for abuse, in the painting style of Edvard Munch."

Beneath Atlantis

How Animated Music Video Production Works

1. The Script

We team with you to write the perfect script, using our professional writers and proven story framework.

Cloudrunners 4

2. Storyboards

Our services include full storyboards, illustrating your video shot-by-shot.

Digital Dystopia

3. Character Design

We bring your animated characters to life, taking the time to capture the look you're after. Everyone want to look good, even while animated.

Gift Blessing

4. Animation

Our animators get to work, taking the pieces and bringing them to life. High quality, HD animation that captivates the viewer.

5. Revisions and Final Delivery

We make any changes needed to get your video 100%, and deliver the final product. You achieve fame and fortune. Try to remember us at the top!

Turkey Fought Back

"A funky, sci-fi anime romp through space."

"The song is called The Day The Turkey Fought Back. The lyrics are pretty self-explanatory."

Uncle Ryano

"I want a music video with me in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air intro."


"A trailer for a Dracula-themed video game."

Meet Your Creative Director

Kevin Travers

My name is Kevin Travers, and I’ve been a musician and animator my whole life.

I found my calling combining the two, as the Creative Director for Canadian studio Empire Animate.

I work closely with my clients to create beautiful, engaging animated music videos that people remember.

I have a passion for animation, and our goal is to be the best. The place artists go for something special.

Think of me as another member of your team, adding a whole new layer to your artistic expression.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to make a video?

We offer multiple pricing options for different budgets. Sign up for our Free Consultation, and we can discuss the options that best suit your budget.

How does your process work?

Our production services are streamlined, for your convenience. 

1. We work with you to understand your vision. 

2. We produce a script and storyboard, which you approve. 

3. We make design sketches, which you also approve. 

4. Now it's production. Our artist team gets hard at work, keeping you informed every step of the way.

5. Revisions. We bring you your video. You tell us if you need any changes. We keep working until you are 100% happy.

6. Final delivery! You receive your brand new animated music video. 

How long does the process take?

This depends on the project and animation style. Generally, we ask 4-8 weeks as a comfortable period to make something great.

How do I know you will make the video I like?

You can check out the work on our website, and our client testimonials. Our production services offer up to 3 rounds of revisions each step of the way. Which means that we don’t move on to the next stage of production until you’re 100% happy.

What are the payment terms?

We offer 2 payment options:

Option 1: Pay in full upfront to get a 10% discount.
Option 2: 50% upfront, 50% when video is completed.

You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, or Paypal.

Can you make a video in any style I like?

Yes, we can do ANY animation style you like. If you’ve seen it, we can make it!

How many revisions are allowed?

We offer up to 3 rounds of revisions, at no added cost. We also approve each step in the process with you, to avoid lengthy revisions in the first place. 

Do you offer any discounts if I order more than one video?

Absolutely, repeat clients are the best kind :). Let us know what you're thinking, and we'll give you a generous quote.

Let's Bring Your Music To Life

We will work one-on-one with you to achieve your goals.

If you have a specific vision, we'll take the time to understand it and bring it to life.

If you're not sure exactly what you want, we'll let our inner artists out and you won't be disappointed.

Sign Up For A Free, No-Pressure Consultation, And Let's Discuss Your Project

4-5 stars

Rated 4.78/5 stars from 127 clients


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